Metalon is used in a variety of applications to enhance and embellish the products they adorn.

The automotive industry generally uses a Silver Polish laminate, sometimes with Weatherable overlay where UV stability is required, whilst Gold remains the colour of choice in furniture extrusions.

Metalon enhances a variety of product bases to achieve an aesthetically pleasing product, such as curtain rods, skirting, and edging.

The very bright surface of Metalon enables its use as a reflective material for luminaires, reflective sheets, and artificial mirrors.

With its highly decorative and reflective surface, Metalon is the premium quality material of choice for specialist applications requiring that extra touch of magic, where product differentiation and a unique visual effect is required.

The merchandising of retail products is assisted by the provision of specialist surrounds and backgrounds in the point of sale and window/shelf display environments, using bright, brilliant, metallised, coloured Metalon.

The Metalon effect is put to good product functionality and presentation use, by combining it with fabric materials such as cotton cloth or woven nylon, for a range of products including photographic umbrellas, blinds, and fashion accessories.

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