Dry Wipe Erasable Film Surfaces

We are all familiar with whiteboards. They are the new in thing in information carriers. They are fully adaptable and flexible. Why? Because they allow a message to be written with the special marker pens and displayed for the duration necessary. What does that mean? Well the message stays on the whiteboard for the time it needs to be read and available to others, and when it is not longer required it can be simply and easily wiped off so that the space is available for utilisation with a new message. It has so many applications, that it is impossible to list them all here, but everybody can surely use their imagination to find a use for a whiteboard or Dry Wipe Eraseable top surface.

Whiteboards are generally fixed, rigid panels in offices, factories and other establishments. Being fixed and requiring mechanical installation reduces their flexibility somewhat and hampers their use for other less professional applications.


We can supply a range of PVC films and adhesive backed laminates with a dry wipe erasable film surface. This is supplied in reel form which makes it simple and easy to handle and apply to any surface whether permanently or semi-permanently. Imagine an adhesive backed film, which can be cut to whatever shape you like and placed on a surface for your messages, or games, or your interactions with other colleagues or family members in a whole variety of situations. Just imagine the benefits:

  • Supplied in flexible material in roll or sheet form;

  • Easy to handle;

  • Easy to design and convert;

  • Easy to cut;

  • Fun and informative;

  • Can be placed on horizontal and vertical surfaces;

  • Write on, then wipe off, write on again;

  • Use different coloured pens to highlight and underline messages;

  • Modify the message with ease;

  • Reuse the surface multiple times;

  • Excellent for children, crafts, households, shops, offices;

  • Limitless functionality and uses;

  • Can be supplied on white or black surfaces (other colours available on request);

  • Suitable pens also supplied;

  • Special widths of reel, or special cut sizes catered for.

Ask your sales contact about PSAB on your requirements.

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