The high reflectivity and directional emboss patterns of Metalon makes it ideal for thermal insulation applications including the practicality of effective control of sunlight and heat penetration.

Applications of metallised film and laminates include:

  • As a reflector to reduce heat loss behind central heating radiators;
  • Solar Control Shade films/Solar Inserts in conservatories, offices and buildings;
  • Cavity insulation in partitioning used in offices, factories, mobile homes, caravans and industrial buildings;
  • Roof cavity insulation;
  • In tents to reduce heat build-up from external sources;
  • Rescue sheets and bags;
  • Lining for outdoor clothing;
  • In greenhouses to maintain temperatures by night;
  • Life raft linings;
  • Cryogenics;
  • Reflective clothing for fire fighting and high temperature work situations;
  • Freezer and chiller display cabinets;
  • Swimming pool covers to reduce heat loss at night.;
  • Footwear insoles.
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