PSAB (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Backing)

All Chamberlain and Metalon films and laminates can be supplied in a variety of formats. The standard formats are reel form, sheet form, tape form and bobbin form, however Chamberlain Plastics International Ltd can now offer our materials whether in reel or sheet form with a PSAB self adhesive backing.

PSAB stands for Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Backing. This consists of a self adhesive surface on the reverse of the Metalon film or laminate, usually on the non decorative face side, backed and protected with a removeable paper liner. This allows the user to peel off the paper liner and to adhere the laminate to a surface where it will remain in position. The adhesive is a general purpose self adhesive and will stick to most smooth regular surfaces.

This principle enables users to quickly and effectively decorate a range of surfaces for improved impact and protection and to provide a renewed lease of life with attractiveness.

Ask you sales contact about PSAB and discuss your requirements.

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