Chamberlains Plastics International Limited specialises in working closely with customers on critical projects to develop high end technical products utilising the full range of its impressive expertise and capabilities.

Special projects involve the development of low weight and high weight coatings to film substrates, utilising solvent application coating techniques to provide the highest and most consistent levels of performance. These coatings can be heat-seal, print retention, colour tinting or many others.

Many projects also involve the lamination of films and other substrates together to achieve different performance characteristics. This entails not only bi-laminate structures but also multi-ply laminates involving perhaps four separate substrate ply construction. Again CP is skilled to propose, test, and manufacture utilising its full range of process capability.

Of course, Chamberlain Plastics’ facility not only boasts
the most advanced process and development capability but also a
finishing/conversion operation second to none. This includes:

  • Custom roll to roll embossing;
  • Worldwide leaders in research and development of custom and proprietary adhesives formulations, tailored to bond a variety of films and substrates;
  • Reel form presentation to required widths and lengths, precisely controlled;
  • Trimmed slit widths from 3mm to 1380mm (0.118” to 54”);
  • Tension controlled precision slitting and winding across the full range of widths processed;
  • Cut to size sheets (long or short grain);
  • Transversely wound spool or bobbin format presentation.
  • Specialised packaging for worldwide protected transit;
  • Individual product wrapping and distribution;

If you have a special or confidential project, we would be pleased to conduct an evaluation and feasibility study. Consult us and be refreshed by our response.

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