Metalon Films

Metalon films generally consist of a 12µm polyester film metallised on one side with a layer of vacuum deposited aluminium.  The base film may be dyed, or have a textured surface effect such as matt, or brushed (hairline).  The metallising can be coated with a heat seal adhesive for subsequent lamination to paper, PVC, HIPS or ABS.

The film is supplied at a maximum width of 1460mm and if coated the maximum coated width is 1445mm.  The film can be trimmed to width and in typical lengths of 100 – 3,000m, flush wound on a 76, or 152mm id core (depending on reel length).


Typical Colours. (Click to view image):


Typical Surface Effects:


These are just a small selection of colours available. Special colours can be matched, if required (although these may be subject to minimum quantities).  Please contact us for more information.

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